Colloquia has officially started! The first speaker, Dr. Marloe Sundo, is currently discussing his presentation. UPCES photo

One day to go before the most awaited seminar for civil engineering students!

See you tomorrow at the D.L. Umali Auditorium, UPLB!
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The first day was a success! Catch us again tomorrow for our last day of showing!

Our ticket booths are located at CEAT, Physci, Raymundo (near Upbeat), and Vega Centre.

See you tomorrow!


Heads up and gather your friends!

We are now offering promo bundle, three (3) John Denver Trending tickets for only P150 each!

You can still buy your tickets in our ticket booths located at the ES and Physci lobbies, or contact Aubrey at 0956 688 4620. See you!

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Congratulations, brods, for winning your game against UP ERG LB! UPCES photo

Need more reasons to watch John Denver Trending? Take a look at our initial list of incentives below!

For inquiries, please contact Aubrey at 0956 688 4620.
You may also visit our ticket booths at the CEAT and PhySci lobbies.

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