What We Are

“…. an academic organization recognized at U.P. Los Baños. It is a dynamic group of civil engineering students devoted to the promotion and study of the different facets of modern Civil Engineering. In order to attain its goals, the organization holds various activities in line with its principles and objectives.”

– Carlo Moya-ALUMNI batch ’98

“…. an organization that offers a  variety of  opportunities and activities for civil engineering students at  the University  of the Philippines. There are lectures held by guest speakers from all facets of the  civil  engineering  industry  that we invite to enlighten everyone with the most current happenings in the industry. There are also quiz contests that challenge the minds of students and promote a healthy  competition among the constituents of the University. “… The most  important  thing  that  UPCES does for the students is to open their  eyes  to the  civil  engineering  industry through its activities both inside as  well  as  outside  the university. In the end the University of  the Philippines Civil Engineering Society is here to serve the civil engineering students in a way that makes taking that next step,  into the industry, a smooth and enjoyable transition.”

– Paul Vincent Ramirez-ALUMNI batch ’00


In 1992, The University of the Philippines at Los Baños introduced the B.S. Civil Engineering program.  With the anticipation of the development in the CALABARZON areas (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon), the College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (CEAT),  offered the curriculum. Thus, two freshman blocks of fifty new high school graduates were enrolled into the program. As the students of the BS Civil Engineering program go through their life in the university, the need for a support group that will help them attain their goals arises. And in 1993, after a long period of rigid discussions, the University of the Philippines Civil Engineering Society or simply UPCES was established on August 2. On July 17. 1994, under the approval of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), Up’s governing body for student activities, UPCES has joined other academic organizations recognized by the university. With twenty seven (27) charter members to uphold the organization’s constitution, UPCES began to aim for its goal and objectives – to promote brotherhood, attain academic excellence and build the foundation of the future civil engineers.


To be a member of the organization, one must be a bonafide student of the B.S. Civil Engineering program at UPLB.  Recruitment is done at the start of every semester.  The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment of new members.  Honorary Membership is open if one has made major contributions to the cause of the organization and is voted by the majority of the resident members.


The organization conducts tutorials on basic subjects such as Integral and Differential Calculus, Kinematics, and Magnetism and Electricity. They also tutor on core engineering subjects such as Engineering Mechanics (Statics and Dynamics), Fluid Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Basic Electrical Engineering, Mathematical Applications, and Computer Applications. The main thrust of the tutorials however are on the major Civil Engineering subjects such as Surveying, Transportation Engineering, Structural Engineering, Foundation Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Timber Design, Reinforced Concrete Design, Structural Steel Design Pre-stressed Concrete and Sanitary Engineering. The organization also stages engineering quiz contests which deal with a multitude of topics. They may range from the basic math to complex dynamic systems. They give out cash prices and plaques to the winning contestants. The members conduct free seminars concurrent with their present undergraduate practicum once every semester. Topics of these vary from transportation and structural engineering, construction management, engineering materials to state-of-the-art civil engineering methods. They also conduct regular material testing of various concrete and steel products and timber derivatives. A handfull of members also conduct engineering surveys around the UPLB campus. To fund the year-long activities they hold, the organization raises funds through solicitations, raffles and funding from their alumni.